Adobe Photoshop

A basic guide to using Adobe Photoshop.

Adobe Photoshop is a famous and popular program for creating and editing images. the most due to its many outstanding features. Whether it’s the ability to handle all kinds of files

Types used in various types of work, including images that will be used images that are processed through printing and images that are used on web pages or transmitted electronic media Has excellent abilities in editing and retouching images. and creating various special effects

Powerful and flexible tool You can save repeated steps for recall later. There are also many manufacturers of plug-ins. Plug-ins are add-on programs for for helping work The complex was accomplished quickly.

Photoshop program capabilities

There are many things that we cannot imagine, but the main capabilities of the program are divided into 2.The subject is photo editing: This job is Photoshop’s specialty, such as editing photos to make them brighter, and deleting them.

Unwanted wrinkles out of the image as well as editing multiple images together. This part is called the part. of design retouching work Creative graphics: Use Photoshop to help create three-dimensional images.

This part will be about drawing. Write and design graphic works such as drawing cartoon characters or designs. Various types of printed media

1. Publication design work
In all types of print design such as 3D image design, logo design, banners, brochures
sure, business cards, flyers, brochures, books, product catalogs, posters, advertising signs, our store signs
Can use the Photoshop program to help with the work. can work well

2. Website design work
In order for the website to be It is very important to have beautiful and interesting graphics decorated with images of various sizes.
Creating logos for websites, creating typography, all of which require the use of Photoshop.
Help in design

3. Image repair work
The original images we receive sometimes have various defects, such as being too dark or having scratches.
is rough or has noise, the image is too blurry, etc. We will use these defective images.
It is necessary to correct and repair such images first so that the image is complete and suitable for the job.

4. Image editing or creating modern graphics.
Today’s graphic work is integrated into daily life. It’s a daily thing that is not far away, whether it’s a bag or a cover.
CDs, desktop calendars, computer screens, websites, magazine covers, cards, publicity signs, signs
These symbols were created from the use of a program to help design images to create graphics.
Beautiful, useful, and has good design ideas.

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